In approximately four weeks* you’ll be working on creating your dreamroom design created by a professional interior designer.                  It’s that simple!


What you get.



 - Shopping list showing all items to be used,

 - Perpective 3D Drawing to show you an impression of the finished room,

 - Technical drawings of Floor Plans & Elevations

 - Materials schedule provide so you can DIY or provide to your tradie.


Your Shopping List

Shopping list is a source list that you can source yourself and purchase the items or similar at your own time;




We Deliver your Materials

We are more than happy to supply you all the selected items at discounted tradies prices and deliver to your property in the time the project starts.


Ask us how it works?


* Time lines may differ from project to project but we will give you a clear time line on delivery of your dream project , once you get started.


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